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Dean Graziosi and his weekly dose of inspiration

July 19, 2018

Dean Graziosi is one of the most successful real estate investors of our generation. He has used various platforms to share with the world his knowledge and expertise, especially to people who want to improve their financial situation. He has written books and most of them made it in the New York Times best-seller list. He also holds live real estate events where he and his team travel to cities across America to deliver a live real estate experience.

He has Weekly Wisdom videos where he provides a weekly dose of inspiration and education. One of the notable episodes is the I Love Marketing episode wherein Dean outlined the qualities of a great marketer. I love Marketing's lesson from Dean Graziosi includes the following:
  • The secrets to being a great dad, which can help transform your life, your relationship with your kids, and your ability to establish a relationship with others. Great dads are great marketers.
  • Dean teaches you ways on how to raise kids that will create a huge impact on the world.
  • Dean Graziosi shares his secret formula/strategy to becoming a great marketer.
  • He teaches you ways to tell engaging stories which will drive the attention of your target market.
Dean makes sure that if you listen to his weekly dose of inspiration, you will get valuable insights that you cannot only use in your real estate journey but life as a whole. You can get valuable information if you listen to this episode. Aside from his weekly dose of awesomeness, you might also want to consider reading Dean’s real estate books. They are best-sellers and definitely a great read. If you are not fond of reading, then the best option is Dean’s audiobooks or better yet attend one of Dean’s live real estate events.